This was our first year working with RCR and a value-added program. Overall it was a great experience. The audit couldn’t have been easier and the staff at RCR was great to work with. They explained things thoroughly and guided us through the process with ease.
— Ryon and Corrie Massey
Utilizing the resources of RCR, I am assured that I have a sound verification process that anyone who purchases my cattle can trust. RCR provides me a straight-forward, economical, and simplified platform to promote my cattle to the world.
— Alex Johns, Natural Resource Director – Seminole Tribe of Florida
The staff at RCR was not only accommodating and friendly, but they were highly efficient as well. The audit verification process was seamless and even after the audit was completed and my invoice was paid in full, the RCR staff have been available to me whenever I have had questions. I have used other verification services before so I am familiar with the verification process, but RCR exceeded my expectations. I have and will continue to recommend their services to my neighbors and friends.
— Charles Adams, Bar CW

Partner Thoughts

Mike LaGrande

“From a pure business element of raising cattle, I have seen the financial benefits by using these programs for myself and others.  It is the trend in the cattle industry and it makes sense.  I encourage ranches that have the ability to add these programs to do it because I feel it will add additional net profit to your bottom line.”  
— Mike Lagrande

Herb Holzapfel

Herb & Horse.jpg
“I participate in these programs because it is the direction the cattle industry is headed.  I believe that everybody will be participating in these verification programs in the future to make a profit.” 
— Herb Holzapfel