Non-hormone treated cattle

Cattle in this program must not be given any hormones at any point in their lifetime. The beef from these program cattle are eligible for export to Europe.

 This program requires an annual onsite audit for both ranches and feedyards.

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source and age verification


The simplest form of all audits in which we collect calving dates of birth (first to last calf is required), the number of head to verify, and identification information.

Most of these audits can be accomplished with a simple phone and records audit conducted on an annual basis.



The auditor will be looking closely at lot files and records for program and non-program cattle in the feedyard. The feedyard must be able to show that each group of program cattle can be identified by source and that sufficient records were kept to keep track of source and birthdates. 

This requires an annual onsite audit.

saudi arabia verification program

Cattle may not be fed any animal protein post-weaning in order to qualify for this program. Beef that qualify for this program is eligible for export to Saudi Arabia

Requires an annual onsite audit for both ranches and feedyards.

RCR Natural

Cattle in the RCR Natural program must never be fed an animal by-products, must never be given hormones, and must never have been treated with an antibiotic.

 Requires an annual onsite audit.

feedbunk ready vaccination verified 

An RCR exclusive verification program designed to help ranchers add credibility to their vaccination program and to give feedyards more confidence in the quality of cattle they are purchasing.  Through a third-party auditing procedure, RCR utilizes vaccination records, invoices, and working dates to compile a vaccination and handling history. A certificate and Management Information Sheet is created and sent to the feedyard at shipping time to provide them with a thorough vaccination/health history of the program cattle. 

This requires a simple phone and records audit with a friendly RCR auditor for each calf crop.

china export verification

The China EV program has been created as a simple phone and records audit much like the Source and Age Verification audit at the ranch level only. Beef in this program is eligible for export to China.

 Important Note: Most packers have indicated that they will only be accepting NHTC verified cattle for the China EV program due to the zero tolerance policy regarding implants and beta-agonists. 

RCR natural and gently raised

Using industry-established guidelines, RCR has created a program to satisfy the growing consumer demand for cattle sourced and raised in healthy and humane environments. Through an onsite audit (every 15 months), RCR verifies and adds credibility to claims that animals are raised humanely, assessing ranch and feedyard operations against humane standards created by ranchers and verified by cattle industry professionals and stockmanship experts who specialize in cattle production and animal handling techniques. Ranchers are provided with Beef Quality Assurance handling and transportation guidelines for reference.