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About RCR

Meet the Ranchers

In 2014, two father and daughter ranching teams came together in partnership with one goal in mind – To create a new agriculture verification company, designed to move our industry into the future, with a name that our fellow industry professionals could trust.

Committed to excellence, these ranchers began by listing what was important to them when it came to verification services. What were the good things about the verification services already in the industry? What things could be improved upon? What things were a verification company and the customer most concerned with before and after the audit? But perhaps most importantly, how can we make it better?

With over 20 years of combined experience with verification services and at the auditing table, the ranchers worked to create a business model designed to offer a better option for their fellow cattle ranchers. They knew there was a need for a true, industry-friendly verification company, willing to go the extra mile . . . And they decided to answer the call.

"Easy and Valuable."

Our Programs

  • Source and Age Verified (SAV)
  • RCR Natural
  • Non-hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)
  • Saudi Arabia Export Verified (SA EV)
  • Feed Bunk Ready Vaccination Verified (FBRVV)
  • GAP4 (through Earth Claims)