Jenna Nonella - Klamath Falls, OR / Dorris, CA

Jenna lives in Dorris, CA with her husband and sons. As a family they run their own herd of cattle in Klamath Falls, OR. She graduated from Cal Poly and received her Masters in Education from SOU. Her favorite part of being an RCR auditor is seeing ranches and meeting with ranchers.

Janet Johnson - Denio, NV

Janet has been with RCR since 2019. She was born and raised in Sierra Valley, CA on a 5th generation cattle ranch. She graduated from Cal Poly, and currently her and her husband operate a cow/calf operation in Denio, NV. Janet’s favorite part of working for RCR is helping ranchers maximize their profits.

Della Hayden - Northern/Central California

Della has been with RCR since 2018. She graduated from Chico State University , and currently owns her own photography and marketing business, Circle Bar Co. Her favorite part of working for RCR is traveling to ranches and seeing different operations.

Andrea - Montana

Andrea grew up on her family’s ranch in North Central Montana and is the fifth generation to live and work there. She is currently attending Montana State University and will graduate in December. Her favorite part of working for RCR is meeting new ranchers and getting the opportunity to hear why they do what they do.